Welcome to the Northern Nine Website! From coast to coast and country to country, our mission is to enlighten people worldwide about the amazing Canadian Football League through our Northern Nine podcasts.

Founder and creator Jacob Couch is the podcast’s host. Alongside Couch is co host and friend Neal McCaffrey.

Couch is a journalism major at Liberty University. Couch’s dream is to work for the Canadian Football League after obtaining his bachelors degree from Liberty.

McCaffrey is a bio medical major at Liberty University. McCaffrey has a passion for the CFL and sports in general. McCaffrey enjoys sports analysis and is open to that line of work following graduation from Liberty.






Whether you have grown up watching the CFL or just watched your first game last night, we desire for listeners worldwide to be able to sit down to any one of our Northern Nine episodes and be able to understand what is currently going on in the Canadian Football World.

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